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Acne Rosacea

No respector of skin type or sex, acne rosaceas red-faced flush is aggravated by extreme temperatures, emotional stress, eating highly spiced foods, or imbibing alcoholic beverages. In severe cases, more common among men than women, small acne-like pimples appear and the skin may thicken, become purplish-red over the cheeks and chin, and create the bulbous-looking nose associated with chronic alcoholism. Usually, however, the dilated blood vessels responsible for the unattractive rosiness will shrink back to normalcy with proper care.


What causes rosacea is unknown, although at various times theories about bacteria, mites, fungus and malfunction of the skinís connective tissues have been put forward. The incidence of rosacea is higher amongst those with fair skins so it is thought their fine skin structure may make them more susceptible.


You must see a dermatologist if you even suspect that you have rosacea. Early management of this disorder could help prevent permanent scaring. Topical and oral antibiotics usually control the problem but if you have this condition you may have to continue taking medication for prolonged periods. Sometimes topical steroids are prescribed to help reduce inflammation in the short term. It is wise to avoid harsh cleansers and anything that can increase blood flow to the face such as alchocol, hot drinks, spicy foods and sun exposure.

Here are some preventive measures you can take:

  • Protect your face from inclement weather, wind, and fireplace or open-oven-door heat.
  • Cleanse gently with mild cleansers and tepid water. Use non-tingly toners or after-shave lotions; refrain from exfoliating scrubs, facial saunas, or icy chillers.
  • Eat and drink wisely. Supplement your daily multivitamin with a B-complex tablet at each meal; up to 300 milligrams per day .

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