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Acne Skin Care

In addition to seeking treatment of acne outbreaks when they occur, you'll need to adopt an anti acne skin care regimen to keep your skin of color clear of pimples-and dark marks. Because your skin produces the oil and cells that can clog pores every day, your skin-care routine must be consistent to keep acne under control.


True soap can strip your skin and may also contain acne triggering ingredients like sodium tallowate. So opt for a soap-free liquid soap or bar formulated for oily skin. To keep oil in check and to gently exfoliate, wash twice daily with either a medicated-acne cleanser (such as one containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide), with an alphahydroxy acid cleanser or a nonmedicated cleanser appropriate for your skin type. Always check in advance with your dermatologist before selecting a medicated cleanser, since some women may experience adverse effects from some of these products. Do not scrubbing your face with rough washcloths, puffs, or spongesóthese practice will only irritate the skin and cause redness and exacerbate your acne (remember that microcomedone). Instead, massage your skin gently, rinse clean with tepid water, and pat dry. If you wear makeup, be sure to remove it completely each day to avoid blocking your pores. Before going to bed, cleanse, moisturize if needed, and apply your medication.


Even though oil is part of what causes acne, you may still need to moisturize your acne-prone skin. As a woman of color, you have skin that is more likely to change in type in response to the change in seasons. And many acne medications are drying to the skin. To keep your skin moisturized while minimizing acne, apply an oil-tree moisturizer, and depending upon your skin type, you may consider the product that contains an alphahydroxy acid such as glycolic acid. These acids will help unclog pores and slough dead skin cells while keeping your skinís texture supple.

Sun Protection

If your moisturizer does not contain SPF 15 sunscreen, apply an oil-free gel or non-comedogenic sunscreen lotion separately each day. Also protect your skin from the sun with sunhats, sun-protective clothing, and umbrellas. Sun exposure may make any related dark marks even darker. Certain acne medications may make your skin more sensitive to the sun.


To improve the texture of your skin, you might want to use exfoliating masks once a week or so. A mask containing either salicylic acid or glycolic acid will absorb oil and help prevent dead skin cells from clogging pores. Benzoyl peroxide is another acne fighter commonly found in masks.

Doís and Doníts for Acne Skin


Use a mild soap-free cleanser or medicated cleanser, never soap, to cleanse your skin. Clear mild blemishes with a 2.5 percent over-the-counter benzoyl peroxide product.
Camouflage blemishes with tinted, medicated concealers and stick to oil-free, oil-blotting or water based foundation.
Wash away perspiration and oils after you work out.
See a dermatologist if acne is severe.


Try to scrub away pimples; it can lead to more breakouts.
Use astringent more than once or twice a day.
Use a moisturizer unless youíve dried out your skin with harsh cleansing or astringents. In that case, cut back on alcohol-based products.
Squeeze blackheads or blemishes. You may aggravate them and damage your skin..

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