Natural Beauty Care Guide
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  • Try not to touch your face with your fingers, which harbor oil and bacteria. Resist the temptation to poke, squeeze, or otherwise manipulate pimples, which can spread inflammation and cause injury. Treat the pimples with acne medications prescribed by your physician instead.
  • Use hair oils, gels, pomades, and hairspray sparingly. (You may not need to use these products at all if you wash and deep-condition your hair once a week.) Avoid applying these products near the hairline where they can migrate to your forehead and face, causing acne outbreaks. Instead, limit their use to the ends of the hair and wash hair products out of your hair each week.
  • Gently massage the skin with oil containing essential oils like lavender, chamomile, juniper and neroli. Remove residue with a tissue soaked in witch hazel.
  • Don't sunbathe. It's a myth that the sun will improve acne, especially over the long term. Wear sunscreen every day and stay out of direct sunlight by using sunhats and umbrellas at the beach or while on vacation.
  • Remove makeup before you exercise. The combination of makeup and sweat may exacerbate your acne, causing an outbreak.
  • Keep it clean. Wash everything that touches your face on a regular basis, including makeup sponges and brushes, which can harbor bacteria. Wash face cloths and towels frequently, and replace pillowcases, which can collect hair oils, twice a week. Wipe your work phone and cell phone clean with alcohol each week.
  • Certain nutrients are often low in acne sufferers. These are vitamin A ( or beta carotene), vitamin E and zinc. Ensure your diet supplies plenty of these important skin foods.
  • Avoid foods rich in hard, saturated fats and be sure to get enough liquid essential fatty acids. They may influence the quality of your sebum.
  • Minimize stress. Acne pimples can crop up, particularly in the lower part of the face, in response to emotional stress. If you are prone to these types of eruptions, follow the cleansing tips above and take steps to manage the stress in your lifeó exercise regularly, take breaks during the day, get adequate sleep, and consider stress-busters like massage or yoga.

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