Natural Beauty Care Guide

Pampering your skin while you bathe


silkens your skin while it prevents "dry skin." Add a tablespoonful into the water; add rose water for fragrance, if desired.

Cucumber glycerin: For a skin-rejuvenating treatment, simmer an unpeeled, sliced cucumber in unsalted water until tender. Strain off the solids and add the liquid to your bath with 2 tablespoons of glycerin.


Add 1 tablespoon to your tub to soften your skin.


To reduce the oils on your skin, and to unjangle your nerves, swirl a cup of fresh lemon juice in the bathwater.


Two to three cups of fluid milk, or one cup of instant dry milk will soften hard water, smooth, and firm your skin.

Oil and milk pamper your skin and dispense with dry flakies. Reverse the usual procedure by cleansing before entering your beauty bath—milk and oil may mix with water, but soap gets scummy—and be cautious when exiting from any bath containing oil, as both you and the tub will be slippery Depending upon how dry you are, add '/2 teaspoon to l/2 cup almond, avocado, wheat germ, or other unsaturated oil and 2 to 6 cups fluid milk (or the equivalent in instant dry milk) to the tub as it fills. Swish to combine, then luxuriate for at least 15 minutes before polishing off dead skin with a loofah or bath brush.

Salt and milk is a potent solution for transforming rough, scaly skin into silky smoothness. Dissolve 1 cup of table salt in a pan of boiling water. Pour it into your tub and mix in 4 cups of instant nonfat dry milk (or 3 quarts of fluid milk). Soak, then scrub with a washcloth or loofah.


Olive and sesame oils were the ancient Roman and Egyptian favorites. Bathing in an emulsion of oil and water helps restore the moisture lost through the assaults of detergents, counteracts chemical dyes from clothing, repairs skin damage from exposure to heat and cold, and relieves dry, itchy skin. The soft film of oil clings, even after toweling, to leave you sleek and smooth.


"Bath salts" are water softeners. To manufacture your own: Place 2 cups borax in a jar. Stir in l/4 teaspoon of your favorite perfume. Cover and let stand 24 hours. Stir in another 1/4 teaspoon perfumes and store tightly closed. Use 2 or 3 tablespoons for each bath.

Epsom salt has a reviving effect on the body when ˝ cup is added to the bathwater. A solution of 1 pound per tub is a restorative for overworked muscles and ligaments if you alternate underwater massaging with relaxing.

Sea salt (or table salt mixed half-and-half with epsom salt) also has a beneficial effect on sore muscles, cleanses pores, and revs up weary bodies. Use 1 or 2 cups for each bath.

Sea salt scrub is an allover exfoliant to depose dead skin cells and restore rough skin to seductive smoothness. Mix 1 cup sea salt with enough water, milk, or oil to form a paste. Stand in a partially filled tub while vigorously rubbing the salt mixture over your wet body. Fill the tub with warm water, then soak and bathe as usual.

Table salt is said to help guard against vaginal infections when ˝ cup is dissolved in the bathwater.


Vinegar can help relieve achy muscles or flaky, itchy skin. It will both relax and invigorate your body when 1 cup is added to your bath.

Wheat flour

Wheat flour is a wonderful skin softener.
For dry skin, use 2 tablespoons each whole wheat flour and powdered milk.
For oily or blemished skin, use 2 tablespoons each whole wheat flour, camomile, and lemon balm.

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