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Eczema Body Care Tips

Eczema can affect your whole body, so take the following steps to avoid excessive dryness and protect your facial and body skin.

  • Take a short, warm (not hot) shower only once a day. If you work out, don't linger in sweaty clothing.
  • Limit your baths or showers to five minutes.
  • Use mild cleansers that do not contain fragrance or other irritants.
  • Apply moisturizer to damp skin within three minutes of showering to lock in moisture.
  • During the winter months, dress in layers and choose soft fabrics like cotton. Apply a crushed ice cubes to itchy, inflamed skin.
  • Change sheets and pillow covers frequently to minimize dust mites and cover mattresses with mattress pads.
  • Use liquid detergents that are preservative-free.
  • Provide double protection for your hands with rubber as well as cotton gloves during "wet work"-housework, washing the car, and so on. Rubber gloves are a necessity for all wet work. When you use them, wear cotton gloves underneath to protect your hands from the rubber and to absorb the perspiration.
  • Use a humidifier to counter dry indoor heat or distribute plants around the room.
  • Don't scratch! Scratching dry skin will only irritate it and may make eczema rashes worse. Remember: irritated skin of color is prone to discolorations. Instead of scratching, moisturize the dry skin, or if itching is irresistible, apply an ice water or milk compress to the skin for five minutes.

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