Natural Beauty Care Guide

Longer Eyelashes

Each lash has an individual life cycle consisting of a six-month growth period followed by a resting period during which it separates from the root so a new lash can form in the follicle. A few eyelashes are dislodged daily by washing or rubbing the eyes, and the unnoticeable process continues. The massive lash-and-brow fallout sometimes engendered by severe malnutrition or lengthy illness is usually followed by regrowth after good health is regained. Cutting off your lashes in the hope of having them grow in longer and thicker doesn't work, but there are natural means of encouragement that have proven successful.

Castor oil or olive oil

A nightly brushing with either of these oils is an old-fashioned, slow-but-sure treatment practically guaranteed to produce long, silky eyelashes.

Liquid protein

Sold as a dietary aid, strengthens and lengthens eyelashes when brushed on nightly.

Petroleum jelly

Applied each night and morning, helps correct brittle, breaking eyelashes and makes them appear longer.

Vitamin D

Each evening, snip a capsule of vitamin D and pat the contents over your lids and lashes. Fantastic results have been reported after less than three months of this treatment.

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