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Pretty Eyes

To test for satisfactoryeyesight you should beabletoread a car number plate at 23m/80ft. Eyesight shouldbe checked regularly. Squinting to reador see something distant causes stress and wrinkles.

Good quality sun-glasses should beworn when sunbathing or driving in sunshine. Wear Protective goggles when travelling on a motorcycle, welding or working with power tools.

When symptoms of redness, itching and swollen eyelids develop, it is probably a cosmetic allergy. Go without make-up until the symptoms disappear and do not use the product again.

Do not borrow or lend eye cosmetics as infections are easily passed from person to person. It is best to buy eye make-up from a reputable manufacturer. People with contact lenses require special hypo-allergenic make-up to avoid irritation.

Avoid putting on eye make-up when travelling as the eye can be accidentally poked with the brush or pencil. Always apply and remove mascara gently to avoid pulling out eyelashes.

When doing close-up make sure there is adequate lighting. Natural lighting is best, but if a lamp is used, position it so that the light comes over the shoulder. Adjustable desk lamps will give a softer light than overhead fluorescent ones. Repair any flickering lights immediately.

Remember to blink frequently when concentrating hard. This is especially needed if wearing contact lenses. This is especially needed if wearing contact lenses. Rest the eyes periodically by looking into the distance. The further away you look the more relaxation is given to the eye muscle.

Before going to bed, splash closedeyes 20 times with cold water then 20 times with warm water. This technique can be applied during the day but use the warm water first. To revived tired eyes, apply fresh apple peel and rest for a few minutes.

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