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Tired and Irritated Eyes

When using eye compresses or packs, reclining for 10 to 15 minutes enhance their benefit.. Wet tea-bag compresses are one of the most effective ways to refresh tired, itchy, puffy, or watery eyes. Make-ahead pads of cotton saturated witch hazel and stored in a jar in the refrigerator are even more convenient. For tired eyes wash them with cold water, several times a day. This treatment provides relief form tired eye and strained eyes.

Alum water

Saturate eye pads in a solution of 1/8 teaspoon of alum and 1 cup water.


cooked, chilled, grated, and sandwiched between pieces of gauze, help relieve eyestrain. Direct application of raw cucumber slices is equally effective.


Toast and cool a slice of stale bread. Cut in half, soak in ice water, then wrap in cloth for eye compresses.

Lavender oil

Dip two cotton wool pads in the liquid of few drops lavender oil and 1 cup water, squeeze out excess water and place cotton on each eye.

Golden seal tea

It brings relief to tired eyes. Steep l/4 teaspoon of the dried herb in l/2 cup boiling water. Cool, strain, then use to saturate eye pads.


Milk warmed to room temperature and used to saturate eye pads, puts the sparkle back in weary eyes.

Orange juice

freshly squeezed and strained, then used to moisten gauze pads, is an eye refresher.

Papaya-mint or plain papaya tea bags

Tea bags soaked in hot water, then chilled, not only refresh tired eyes but also reduce under-eye circles.


Grated or processor-pureed, raw potato wrapped in gauze is a time-tested remedy for tired eyes and sandy eyelids.

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