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Women's feet have inspired many poets to pen couplets on them. Popularly called 'lotus feet', a pair of dainty, clean, well shaped feet have indeed been many an owner's pride and a neighbours envy.

There was a time when women were covered from head to toe. In fact, they wore veils and one could not see their faces. The feet were the only visible part of their body. Women's feet have thus inspired many poets to pen couplets on them. Popularly called 'lotus feet' a pair of dainty, clean, well shaped feet have indeed been many an owner's pride.

To own a pair of soft, lovable, beautiful feet you need to pamper them by creaming and massaging them regularly. Dry rough nails, fungal infection, cracked heels, swollen feet, corns, calluses are all the result of years of neglect. How thoughtlessly we ensnare them in a pair of ill-fitting sandals or shoes that only seem to pinch, hurt and maul. This ends up disfiguring your feet, causing back problems and poor posture apart from disrupting blood ciruclation.

By following a few careful do's and don'ts you can look after your feet. First, some basic rules:

  • Bathing, massaging and exercising your feet, and giving them a pedicure are the very basic necessities that go a long way in ensuring that your feet remain soft, shapely and supple.
  • The first golden rule is to buy shoes of the right size. Apart from the size, you have to ensure that the length of heels that you are buying, does not destabilize you. People with bad backs should not wear pencil heels that hurt the spine. One should buy shoes in the afternoon or evening when the feet are swollen from the day's walking. This will ensure that you get the right fit and size.
  • Next is exercising your feet. Most people believe that just because they are 'on their feet' the whole day, they have exercised their feet. This is far from true. You need to exercise to relax your tired feet and to strengthen your foot muscles. The best time to exercise is at the end of the day.
  • Sit comfortably on an erect chair and clench your toes, then relax them do this four to six times a day. Then stretch your toes and ankles, pull them back and release them.
  • Next draw circles in the air with your feet. Move one foot at a time, first clockwise, then anti-clockwise five to six times. This exercises your ankles, keeping them supple and lean. Besides exercise, you should specially bathe your feet daily. Normally when one has a bath, the body, face and arms get all the attention the feet remain neglected. So, make it a habit of treating your feet to a lavish footbath, especially at the end of the day.
  • Take a basin of warm water to which a little salt has been added. Soak your feet in this. Your aching feet will get instant relief. Pat dry your feet thoroughly. Apply a lotion of glycerin and rosewater and dry your feet and apply talc later. Once a week indulge yourself in a good pedicure. You can easily do this at home.
  • Every day, after you have cleaned and exercised your feet, put them 'up' (literally). Take a round bolster. Lie down flat without a pillow. Now place your ankles on the edge of the bolster so as to raise your feet. Keep in this position for at least 15 minutes. This gives immediate relief to tired feet. Its also helps reduce swelling due to water retention. Last, but not least, while bathing, remove dead skin with a pumice stone and loofah.

Our feet keep us balanced and carry our weight. In a lifetime they walk as much as going five times around the earth. We only pay attention to our feet when they rebel at their utter neglect; when they can bear the neglect no longer and become ill with calluses, corns, bruises and ingrown toenails and bunions. We should look after our feet before any of these problems creep in. Some of the serious foot problems may need the attention of a doctor. So, prevention is always better than cure. You can certainly prevent a lot of foot problems by knowing about them and preventing them by using the right home cures. So take a look at your feet and start caring for them right away.

Now let us discuss a few common foot problems and how we can tackle them.

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