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Hair types

Basically there are two types of skin textures: oily and dry.
Oily Hair :
Oily Hair Care

This type of hair is very fine in texture. It is easily affected by atmospheric pollution and needs to be shampooed and washed more often. If you have oily hair, then try and keep it covered when going out in the sun. Diet too is important. Avoid fried foods and dairy products. Increase your intake of fresh fruits, green and leafy vegetables and salads. Drink plenty of water.

Dry Hair :
Dry Hair

This hair looks like unwashed straw. It grows thicker nearer the scalp and thins out towards the ends, thus causing split ends. Atmospheric pollution too tends to have a drying effect on the hair. Such hair needs extra care.

Dandruff :

This is the most common complaint, and all of us suffer from this at some time or the other. There are a lot of misconceptions associated with dandruff. People who have this problem rush out and buy up the latest shampoos and conditioners.

Split Ends :
Split Ends

To treat split ends, first trim off the ends of your hair to an even length. Use all the nourishing applications described in the earlier chapter for your hair. Avoid back-combing or use of spiky rollers. You could also use these other nourishing tonic applications for your hair.

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