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Helpful Tips

Some people are genetically prone to grey hair, thinning hair or balding. However, the health of your hair depends largely on your blood circulation and nutrition. Without adequate protein inputs in our body, hair stops growing. Its colour changes and it becomes brittle and lifeless. Thus, ensure that you have protein with foods.

Helpful Tips

Sometimes low haemoglobin results in hair loss. This is due to iron deficiency, which can be overcome by eating bananas, apples and other iron enriched foods.

Avoid eating refined foods like chocolates, burgers, pizzas and pastries. Yeast tablets help hair growth, so does Vitamin E. Other foods that promote hair growth are grains, beans, lentils, green leafy vegetables particularly fenugreek, carrot juice, beetroot juice, fish and fruits like avocado, apple and banana. Here are a few tips for your crowning glory.

  • A regular hair care regime should be followed.
  • Tie a scarf if you are going out in the hot sun. A hundred strokes at night as granny advised should not be forgotten. Brush firmly, but not harshly, by putting your head forward and throwing your hair in front. Brush neck downwards and outwards.
  • A warm oil massage regularly is a must.
  • Be careful when using a conditioner, avoid using it on the scalp, only on the hair strands.
  • Do not apply the shampoo directly onto the hair. Take a little water in the palm of your hand and mix the shampoo first before applying on the hair.
  • After shampooing your hair, it is always better to rinse the hair too.
  • Occasionally rinse your hair with some of the rinses mentioned above.
  • Choose the right kind of brush for your hair. Flat brushes are best for normal use. Use round and vented brushes for blow drying, while a cushioned brush body is best because it moulds itself to your contours.
  • Always ensure that you follow a regular cleaning and nourishing routine.

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