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Hands and Nails care

Hand Cream and Lotion

As mentioned earlier, there are three types of skin textures: normal, oily and dry. Each type therefore requires a different hand cream or lotion.

In this section we provide details about the types of lotion needed for your skin type. It gives your skin a youthful and healthy glow.

DRY HANDS: Most of us have our pet peeves about our hands. Some have dry coarse hands; others have cold clammy hands. Some have soft thin delicate hands where the skin tears easily. A little knowledge would help you to overcome some of these problems. Apart from this, one is conŽstantly exposed to minor cuts, burns and bruns and bruises in the kitchen or while doing chores. Here are some good tips to rectify these problems.

NAILS : Nails require constant care too. They chip, crack and discolour due to harsh treatment. Nails are horny extensions of the skin and are made from the protein called Keratin, like the hair. If the nails are in a poor condition then rough treatment is only a partial cause. Poor or careless nutrition affects the health of nails. Lack of vitamin B and C makes the nails hard and brittle and causes them to crack. An average nail grows by about one millimetre per day. A good diet and sunshine promotes healthy nails.

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