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Dry Hands

Most of us have our pet peeves about our hands. Some have dry coarse hands; others have cold clammy hands. Some have soft thin delicate hands where the skin tears easily. A little knowledge would help you to overcome some of these problems. Apart from this, one is constantly exposed to minor cuts, burns and bruns and bruises in the kitchen or while doing chores. Here are some good tips to rectify these problems.


Take 3 tablespoons of sugar, 2 tablespoons of oil (any oil, vegetable oils, olive oil or almond oil will do). Mix the sugar and oil, beat to a blended consistency. Rub into the hands. Keep rubbing for 5-7 minutes, then rinse well with warm water. The dead coarse skin is removed and the hands appear soft and clean.


Take one tablespoon lemon juice, one tablespoon sugar, one tablespoon water. Lightly mix all these ingredients and rub all over the hands. Keep rubbing it in till it starts to dry. Rinse with water. Softens coarse hands.

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Take one-teaspoon oil (any oil, vegetable oils, olive oil or almond oil will do), one teaspoon lemon juice, one tablespoon rose water. Mix well together. Rub over crusty elbows, knuckles and other hardened areas. Keep rubbing it in, then after 5-7 minutes rinse off. This not only nourishes the skin, but also keeps it soft.


Take one tablespoon barley powder, one tablespoon lime juice.
In case barley powder is not available, boil barley for 10 minutes. Extract the juice and mix it with lime juice. Apply on the finger joints to get rid of dark circles. Rub well into the skin. Leave it to dry and then apply and rub again. After it has dried, then rinse off. Softens and whitens the knuckles.


You can relieve minor kitchen burns on the hand just by rubbing a raw onion on the burn. Take an onion, cut it into half and rub on the burned area. It immediately reduces inflammation and relieves pain.


Did you know that blisters on the hands while cooking can be cured with a cold milk compress if applied immediately? Put some cold milk on the blister; dab it two or three times. It soothes immediately and actually aids in healing.


So often hands get minor cuts while chopping vegetables or while performing other household chores. If you have cut your fingers or hands, immediately apply turmeric powder onto the wound. It stops bleeding and aids healing.


For those people who have split nails and cracked hands, a good 'soak' in gelatin will certainly help. Take a packet of gelatin or lemon jelly, pour it into a cup of hot water. Make a paste and put it to set. When it has set, soak the hands in this jelly, keep rubbing the nails and cuticles as well as the hands. Keep them soaked for at least 15 minutes. A regular use of this treatment prevents cracks on the skin of the fingers and the cracking and splitting of fingernails. Eating jelly also helps promote a healthy growth of nails.


Take one tablespoon almond oil and one cup buttermilk. Mix well, apply on the hands. Massage well, let it dry, then apply again. Repeat this till all the solution is used up. Use this at night, before bedtime. Wear cotton gloves and sleep. Next morning, rinse well. This treatment ensures that the hands remain soft and maintain a good skin texture.

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