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A few common nail care tips will ensure healthy nails. Keep the nails trimmed, clean and moisture free. Be careful when filing nails, do not file too deeply into the nail bed area to get pointed nails. Use the emery board instead of a metal nail file. Wear gloves while cleaning dishes, swabbing, cleaning or dusting.

Here are some good tips for common nail problems:


Soak daily in warm almond oil or olive oil for 5-7 minutes, preferably before bed-time.


You can clean discoloured nails by soaking them in a solution of lemon juice and warm water. After 7 minutes, scrub them with white vinegar by using a nail brush.


To get rid of cracks in nails, apply glycerin at bedtime; rubbing it in generously. Leave it on your hands, ft soothes your nails and helps to repair cracks.


If your cuticles have swollen and overgrown and are painful, try the following nail care tips:
Soak your hands in warm water for 5 minutes. Make a paste of turmeric powder and sandalwood powder. Apply this paste thickly, like an ointment, on the cuticles. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse off.


All you need is one teaspoon warm olive oil or almond oil. After a bath, massage cuticles with warm olive oil or almond oil everyday. While massaging, push back the cuticles, using your fingertip.


Sometimes soft nails or thin nails crack easily. To harden them, soak them in olive oil for 20 minutes every alternate day.


Dip a swab of cotton wool in hydrogen peroxide; clean the nails with this swab, rub under the nails to clean and whiten them.

The golden rule to a healthy, beautiful pair of hands and lovely nails is protection and care. If you protect your hands and nails and make their care a daily routine, you would see a dramatic improvement. Your hands do not demand expensive creams or lotions, they only demand a little time and attention. Do not use your nails to open letters! Treat your nails gently, not as 'tools'.

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