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Home made Cosmetics

Ancient history is a witness to the fact that woman has always been preparing various homemade beauty aids to heighten her beauty. Now that cosmetics are being manufactured in our country, women are increasingly inclining towards them. But, with the soaring prices of cosmetic items, middle and lower middle-class women are finding them beyond their reach. People have now come to realize the importance of home remedies. These items have many advantages - they are less expensive, can be made easily and there is no fear of any chemical reaction.

Tips for Preparing Cosmetics

  • Correct ratio of different items for preparing various mixtures is very important. Below is given a chart of ratio:

  • 60 drops = One teaspoon
    3 teaspoons = One tablespoon
    2 tablespoons = One eighth of a cup
    4 tablespoons = One fourth of a cup
    8 tablespoons = Half a cup
    16 tablespoons = One cup
  • High flame of heat diminishes the effect of various ingredients. Low heat is preferable. For liquifying oily substances put them in a small container or utensil, place the small utensil in a bigger one with hot water and keep it for a while.
  • The raw material for manufacturing cosmetics at home should be purchased from a dispensing chemist shop.
  • Prepare cosmetics in small quantities and keep the items cool in refrigerator.

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