Natural Beauty Care Guide

Cold Cream

Method 1:

4 tablespoons almond oil.
1 tablespoon emulsifying wax.
A little scent and a half cucumber.

Process: Peel half a cucumber and cut it into small pieces. Melt almond oil and emulsifying wax on a medium heat and stir it simultaneously. When the two get mixed completely, add cucumber pieces. Now heat the contents for one hour on a medium heat. Keep stirring it simultaneously. Then remove resultant thick cream from heat. When it gets cold fill it in a bottle.

Method 2:

You can prepare cold cream from marigold petals also. Take about fifty grams fresh marigold petals, mix it in two litres of water taken in a stainless steel pot. Put it on a medium heat, close the lid so that the steam does not escape. Melt emulsifying wax on slow heat in another pot. Now mix the contents of the two and heat it for about fifteen minutes. Let it get cold. Then fill it in a bottle.

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