Natural Beauty Care Guide

Eye Cream and Cuticle Cream

Eye Cream

1 tablespoon lanolin
1 1/2 tablespoons almond oil
1 teaspoon soybean flour
2 teaspoons cold water

Process:Melt lanolin on a medium heat. Add almond oil to it. Remove the ensuing thick paste from heat. Add soybean powder and cold water to it and stir for ten minutes. Do not mix scent while preparing the eye cream. It might affect the eyes. Using eye-cream is useful if there are circles or dark spots beneath the eyes.

Cuticle Cream

3 tablespoons lanolin
2 teaspoons china clay

Process : Mix the two, make it into paste and use for nails. There is another simple way of preparČing cutical cream. Mix half teaspoon of glycerin in two tablespoons pure petroleum jelly. Use it on nails as cutical cream.

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