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Natural Lips Care

Natural Lips Care

Lips have no protective oily secretions of their own and will need the added lubrication of waxy balms, during summer and winter. Licking the lips is not a solution since that practice will further dry the lips as the saliva evaporates into the air. Moisturizing the lips should become a regular part of your routine. Apply a lib balm or Vaseline to the lips several times a day.

A lib balm containing SPF 15 sunscreen is even better because it helps to prevent the lips from darkening in color form sun exposure. Applying moisturizing lipstick will also help keep your lip soft all day. Lips can dry out during the night, especially if you breathe through your mouth while you sleep or if the air in your bedroom is warm and dry. ďItís good idea to use lipbalm at night even if you donít have chapped lips to prevent you from getting them.

If your lips are already a little dry, prep them for lip color with this easy treatment; Five minutes before apply lipstick, smooth petroleum jelly over your lips. Then blot t off the excess with a tissue. By the time youíre ready to apply lip color, your lips will be softer and smoother.

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