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Types of Lips

Smooth Lips

Plagued by chapped, cracked lips? No problem. Below are few tip that tells you how to keep your lips soft and supple.

  • Don't peel or attempt to exfoliate chapped lips. It only makes the problem worse.
  • Switch your lipstick, lip balm, or toothpaste. In some cases, chapped lips can signal an adverse reaction to an ingredient in one of these products.
  • Protect your lips with a good lip balm before going outdoors.
  • Resist the urge to lick your lips. It may feel good temporarily, but it strips the lips of natural oils and only makes matters worse.

Sexy Lips :
  • Here's the best bet to setting your lip colour. No matter what the texture of your lipstick is always apply lip balm first to soften and smoothen the skin. If your lips are chapped apply some Vaseline and softly rub your lips with a soft muslin cloth to remove dead skin leaving your lips looking healthier.
  • The first step to a fashionable mouth is to define your lipline, if you want to make your lips appear smaller use colours like dark berry or chocolate shades which make lips look thinner also apply the liner on the inner boundary of your natural line. On the contrary if you want a more fuller look recreate your lipline slightly above your natural line and use a sheeny or sheer moisturising lip stick in warm coal, rosy pink or a bronzed caramel tone. Make even more of your mouth by applying little gloss in the middle of your lower lip.
  • After a proper definition apply your lipstick with a lip brush this gives a more even and lasting look to the lipstick, then blot with a tissue. You can dust some powder through a single ply tissue to achieve a sophisticated matte look or reapply another coat of lipstick for intense colour.
  • If you always land up with lipstick on your teeth than simply put your index finger in your mouth, close your lips around it and slowly pull it out of your mouth. The residue will stick to your finger.
  • The new -look of glossy shimmering lips can be achieved easily by applying a gloss that matches your lipstick colour so it enhances the actual tone as well as add shine. Or think of updating a tired browny lipstick with a lick of shiny gold shimmer- it's instant sun-kissed splendor on your lips.
  • You can also choose a nude shade close to your own skin colouring and apply carefully with a brush all the way to the edges of the lipline and add a new dimension with a touch of sheer gloss for a striking effect for day and night.
  • You can also opt for one of the most versatile, classic and ageless colour red. By tapping your ring finger onto your red lipstick and apply them to your lips by dotting on the colour and then spreading it . Apply sheer gloss to add a touch of class. You can also decrease the voltage of red by applying a nude/natural lipstick as base colour.

Oomph Lips :

Follow the natural contours of your lips, outline the lips with a lip pencil. Match your lipstick or use one shade lighter or darker. Fill in lips with pencil for extra staying power.

Dab some lipstick onto the back of your hand to warm and soften the colour. Dip a brush into the lipstick on your hand, then apply it over the liner and carefully fill in the lips.

With a tissue wrapped around your index finger, gently dab at the lip line to blend and soften any hard pencil lines. Reapply lipstick for the last finish.

Dry Lips :

If your lips are frequently dry, cracked, or peeling owing to cold weather, add a lip balm to your routine. Apply a lip balm or Vaseline before applying lip liner and lipstick to protect lips form the elements and wear of makeup usage. In the summer, apply an SPF 15 lip balm. Lip balms with antiseptic properties are also perfectly safe, and keep germs and bacteria away from chapped or cracked lips.

To gently remove the dead skin, use a child’s soft toothbrush once or twice a week. Do not pull the dead skin off.

Dry Lip Tips :
  • Apply fresh butter on dry lips to make it smooth.
  • Use chapstick.
  • To cure dry lips apply peanut butter or coco butter.
  • Grind rose petals with cream on the top of milk and apply on lips to cure the dry lips
  • Mix 2 drops of glycerin, and 1 tsp of lime juice and apply on lips to cure the dry lips.
  • Take B, C vitamin foods in diet.
  • Best remedy to cure dry lips mix equal quantities of nutmeg, turmeric, fresh butter and apply to lips.
  • Mix 2 drops of glycerin with 1 tsp of cream on the top of milk and apply to lips to cure the dry lips and as well as to get the smooth & shiny lips.

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