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Bi-Weekly Treatment for Oily Skin (Skin Balancing and Purifying Treatment)

Oily skin needs to become balanced. Gentle yet effective treatment products will delicately control the excess oil without stripping the skin of precious moisture. Reduce excess shine, smooth texture, and temporarily reduce enlarged pores with this balancing and purifying beauty ritual for oily skin. Your skin will feel refreshed and smoother after this treatment.

Oil-Free Cleansing

Pull your hair back with the stretch headband. Premoisten your face with water. Cleanse skin with an oil-free gel or lotion. Once you have applied the cleanser let it set on your face for 30 seconds. This extra time gives the cleanser a better chance to break down the makeup and excess oils. Remove cleanser with tepid water.

Removing Dead Skin Cells

Premoisten your skin, then apply a dab of facial scrub to the base of your throat, each cheek, and forehead. Massage in a gentle, circular motion; start at the base of the neck and work your way up to the forehead. Avoid your eye area. Then remove scrub with water.

Mask Treatment

While your skin is still moist, apply a clay (drying) mask to your entire throat and face, avoiding the eye area. (This will harden on the face.) Once the mask is completely applied, take a small portion of mask on your fingertips and massage over the previous mask application. This extra application of mask will ensure complete coverage to your skin to maximize its results. Leave mask on for 10 to 15 minutes (make sure the mask is completely stiff before removal).
Never begin to remove mask while it is stiff. This will cause you to tug, rub, and pull at your skin unnecessarily and possibly cause irritation. Always moisten the clay mask with a wet sponge or wet washcloth. When the mask is completely soft, gently rinse with warm water.


Take a piece of cotton and saturate it with a bit of alcohol-free toner and gently sweep your entire face. Alternative method: Splash your face with tepid water or rose water.

Oil-Free Moisturizing

When you have oily skin there is a special way to apply your moisturizer. This application technique will help you prevent the overuse of your moisturizer.
Apply an oil-free moisture gel or lotion to the outer perimeter of your face (this area tends not to be as oily as the center of the face). Gently massage the gel or lotion into the skin working your way toward the center of the face. If you have any moisturizer left on your fingertips apply it to the T-zone. (The reason you don't apply the moisturizer directly to this area is because the center of the face has the greatest concentration of oil glands.) Finish your facial by applying an eye gel or lotion to your eye area. (Alternative method: You can use your day moisturizer.)

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