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Combination Skin Care

Begin by washing the oilier areas of forehead, nose, and chin first for one minute and then concluding dryer area for a total cleansing time of one and a half minutes. This allows more time to be removing the oil and debris that has accumulated on the forehead, nose, and, chin. As with oily skin, cleanse gently. Avoid washing more than twice a day.

Consider using a light creamy cleanser, a nonsoap cleanser, or a glycerin soap, which attracts some moisture to the skin, twice a day during cooler seasons.

Use a more moisturizing cleanser during the months surrounding winter because the cheek area and even the chin can become moderately dry at this time while the fore forehead and nose may remain slightly oily. Switch to a less emolliating cleanser products in spring and summer.

Also, since oil on the forehead and nose can come from your hair, make some adjustment in your hair-care regimen as outlined for oily skin. That is, try washing your hair at least once a week and wear it pulled or brushed back from the face. Avoid applying hair oils or pomades on the scalp near the forehead.

Apply a light moisturizer once or twice a day to the dry areas of the oily skin. You will probably not need to apply moisturiser to the forehead and nose, which are typically oily. Choose a sunscreen gel with SPF 15 or a light oil-free lotion containing sunscreen.

Doís and Doníts for Combination Skin

Choose cleansers for combination skin; theyíre formulated to be gentle on dry spots, tougher on the T-zone.
Apply products only where you need them-moisturizer only on dry areas, benzoyl peroxide products right on blemishes.
Smooth on a sunscreen with SPF 15 or a moisturizer or foundation with built-in sunscreen protection every day.
Use two kinds of cleanser or moisturizer on different parts of your face; seek out products formulated for combination skin.
Use balancing lotions; they neither endow dry areas with moisture nor reduce the amount of oil your oil glands produce.
Apply moisturizer before working out.
Forget to wear sunscreen.

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