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The dead cells clinging to your skin are oldies, not goodies. If they arenít sloughed off occasionally, they can enlarge your pores, muddy your complexion, and sometimes ashen appearance.

If you have approximate two minutes to spare just once or twice a week, you can remove dead skin cells by using the facial scrubs. The best time to exfoliate is after your skin has been thoroughly cleansed and while your skin is still moist.

Facial Scrub Treatment
Step One: Cleanse your skin thoroughly.
Step Two: : Apply a dab of a facial scrub to the base of your throat, each cheek, and your forehead. The product works more efficiently if the skin is premoistened. Massage in gentle, yet firm circular movements with your fingertips. Begin massaging at the base of your neck and work your way up to your forehead. Completely avoid your delicate eye area. Then splash your face with cool to tepid water to rinse away the product. You can use toner after rinsing if desired.
Step Three: Finish this treatment by applying a moisturizer to moist skin.

How frequently you need to deep clean depends on your skin: from weekly twice (if it looks dull, is very oily, or feels rough), to once a month if it is clear, dry, and sensitive. "Combination skin" may rate a weekly epidermabrasion on only the forehead, nose, and chin. Summer's upbeat schedule of increased cell production and shedding may call for more frequent sloughing.

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