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Face Scrubs

Dead skin cells, jaded skin and tanning can effectively be got rid off by using exfoliating scrubs to remove dead cells. However, do not exfoliate everyday. If your skin is oily, it needs to be done maybe once a week. For those with dry skins exfoliating twice a month is sufficient. You can easily make some homemade scrubs that can be as effective. Try them.

Chickpea Powder

Do not throw? away orange and lime, or lemon peels. Dry them out thoroughly till they are brittle. While drying them, keep them away from sunlight. Powder them and keep them in a jar. Take two tablespoons of the dried peel power, two tablespoons of wheat bran or porridge grains. Add to this half table­spoon of honey and a little milk to make a coarse paste. Before a bath, rub this all over your neck, arms, body and legs. Use rough circular motions as you go along.
This will help to exfoliate dead skin. Then bathe normally. It's a wonderful scrub and so easy to make and the effects are immediately visible. Leaves you feeling squeaky-clean.

Chickpea Powder

If your skin is oily this is the ideal homemade scrub. Take 4 table­spoons of chickpea powder. Add to this, half tablespoons of turmeric power, a few drops of rose water and milk to make a thick paste. Rub it all over the body. When the paste dries and starts caking, again use rough circular motions to exfoliate. People with dry skin can also use this scrub after substituting milk with full cream.


Take half a litre of buttermilk or half a litre of beaten curds. Take half a cupful of oats that have been coarsely ground or are in thick powdered form. Add to the curd or butter milk. Mix well. Pour in a container and refrigerater for 2 hours. Apply this thick paste all over the body starting from the neck downwards, to the arms, torso and legs. Leave it on for 20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water containing lemon juice. This scrub reduces pores and cleans up the skin.

Tomatoe Wrap

Take 4 tomatoes. Chop them finely. Puree them. Soak some rice for 30 minutes and then grind it coarsely. Add this to the pureed tomatoes. Apply all over and leave it on for about 20 min­utes. Bathe with warm water. A good scrub for people with oily skins.

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