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Oily Skin Care

Oiliness, like dryness varies with time, temperature, your endocrine system, and your emotions (stress may be responsible for a sudden outburst of oily-skin problems). Cutting back on fried foods, pastries, and other saturated food fats may reduce the amount of excess oil accumulating on your epidermis.

Wash your face two or three times a day to reduce excess oil. Avoid washing more than three times a day because this practice may irritate the skin, promoting low-grade inflammation of the skin and the subsequent development of dark patches. Wash early in the morning, immediately after work or school, and again just before bed. The best skin-care routine uses lukewarm water with a facial wash, which is massaged well into the skin and rinsed off.

Use an antibacterial soap or a gel or foaming cleanser designed for oily skin dur¨ing the late spring and summer to remove excess oiliness, and a milder glycerin-based or oil-balancing soap or cleanser in the winter and early spring months. You can easily make some natural cleansers that can be as effective for oily skin. Try them. Also, since oil on the forehead and temples can come from your hair, make some adjustment in your hair-care regimen. Try washing your hair at least once a week and wear it pulled or brushed back from the face. Avoid applying hair oils or pomades on the scalp near the forehead. They'll seep into the skin and produce more oil and shine.

After cleansing, use a mild astringent toner. Avoid alcohol-based astringent, which are too harsh and drying even for oily skins. Use a light moisturiser, the best being a fluid or gel rather than a cream. Then moisturize around eye area with a cream or lotion designed for that area. Exfoliate at least twice a week, to encourage skin cell renewal. Dead cells stay for longer on oily skin, attracting grime and pollutions. Oily skin responds to regular, therapeutic deep cleansing. Avoid stressing oily skin and enlarging pore appearance by applying sunscreen/moisturisers containing SPF15.

Doís and Doníts for Oily Skin

Cleanse your face two or three times daily with liquid cleanser or foaming cleanser. You may select one containing glycerin, alphahydroxy acids, or betahydroxy acids.
Apply an alcohol-free toner if oil persist after washing.
Choose an oil free or light oil-in-water moisturiser, if necessary.
Use oil-free foundation and powder.

Use an SPF 15 to 30 sunscreen gel, or an oil-free moisturizer containing sunscreen.
Overdry your skin- oil is a natural defense against the elements.
Cleanse more than three times a day.
Use moisturizer if you donít need it.
Overuse powder to mop up oil; your skin will look chalky.

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