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Unevenly distributed melanin (pigmentation) occurs due to exposure to the sun. People who have a fine textured skin and a fair complexion usually get freckles. You should not get unduly upset. Never try and cover up the freckles with makeup, that will only make matters worse. You should rather to lighten them.


The juice of any one of these can be mixed with a little beaten yoghurt. This paste should be regularly applied on the face and left to dry. Rinse off with cold water. This will help to lighten the freckles.


Radish contains a bleaching agent. So take one radish, grate it and add to it the juice of one lime. Blend well and apply all over the face. Leave to dry and then wash off. It not only lightens the freckles but also removes blackheads. Rub vigorously before washing to remove the blackheads.


Take a few mint leaves and grind them to a paste. Add to this one mashed banana and blend in a blender. Apply this paste all over the face - be careful to avoid the eyes. Regular use will lighten the freckles and remove blemishes too.


Take an eggplant and slice it. Apply fresh eggplant slices all over the freckles, keep rubbing them in a circular motion and leave them on for a few minutes. Use this treatment daily and the results will show after a week.


Rub freshly crushed cranberries or strawberries on your face. Leave the juices and the mashed fruit on your face to dry. Then rinse with cold water. Regular use will lighten the freckles.


Dissolve one teaspoon boric acid in a cupful of hot water, and add to it the juice of one lemon. Add 2 tablespoons of rose water and half tablespoon of glycerine. Mix well and store this solution in a jar. Dab this lotion on the freckles with a cotton wool pad. Leave it on and later, rinse with water. Regular use will lighten the freckles. If the same solution in rubbed on the neck and shoulders, it makes them fairer, as they usually appear darker than the face.

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